Democratizing Data Science for Sustainable Development.

We are making Data Science accessible to everyone.
We make this possible by bringing together learners, experts, public and private stakeholder to share on Machine learning, Data Analysis and Robotics technologies and potential innovative solutions to the region challenges.

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Training & Mentorship

We offer learning paths in Machine Learning, Data Science, Management and Analysis through our training partners.

Collaboration & Opportunities

We work closely with tech and non-tech stakeholders from different sectors to democratize Data science in Kenya and East Africa. We aggregate job opportunities and residency programs with our partners.

Technology for Africa

We conduct research in vital sectors where we can leverage technology to come up with innovative solutions.

Who We Are

We are fast growing community of data science practitioners, technophile, data analysis aficionados and machine learning enthusiasts with common goal to learn, share and collaborate in democratizing data science for sustainable development.

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