The Hidden Wealth in Business Data

For a long-time precious rock like gold, diamond has been an emblem of wealth to the flashy personalities. Likewise, the business entities irrespective of their scope of operations, are lucky to have an emblem of wealth. With that, what then symbolizes wealth in business entities? Inherently, data has been trashed just like shredded waste papers. This has happened ignorantly for long until the beginning of the information age. Business entities, public institutions, and even non-profitable organizations have been a victim in this seemingly ignorant activity. But thanks to the information age, entities have been made to realize the wealth in the data. Contemporary, entities are putting checks in place to ensure no one has access to their own businesses generated data. Why would this happen if data is trash? Who on earth would strictly guard or protect any intrusion to a seeming trash object? I believe none! This manifests the wealth in the data of whatever nature. Business entities that currently have resorted to cease from drowning in data rather swim are maintaining a competitive edge in their realm of operations. Are you a business entity, non-profit organization or public institution, what are you doing with data in your custody? Discover the wealth data, and stay on the competitive edge with DSKenya.